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For ordinary investors who have invested in the Company we offerthe opportunity to actively earn money through referrals or by creating their own affiliate structure using the standard Affiliate Program. The essence of the career growth using minimum investments is that for the investments made by the affiliates of your affiliatestructure you will receive the affiliate rewardfrom 3 levels down the depth of your affiliate structure, consistently earning from the investments made by your downlines.







Career Growth

Moreover, if you are ambitious and wishto see substantial results from your work on creating anaffiliate structure, you will certainly be interested in obtaining the statuses of the Affiliate of the Company that will significantly and considerablyboost your profitsby increasing both the interest rate of affiliaterewards for the investments made byyour affiliates and the number of levels in your affiliate structure. The higher your status of the Affiliate of the Company, the more levels of the affiliate structure will open for you.

In addition, for the active work and success in creating your own affiliate structure, the granting of each Status level of the Affiliate of the Company will be accompanied by a one-time bonus from the management of CLOUDPONS LTD, which you can immediately withdraw to your wallet as an additional financial incentive for forming a positive image of the Company and promotingthe ideas and values thereof among the growing number of affiliates of your affiliate structure.

Affiliate StatusPersonal DepositLevel Rewards (%)
Memberup $5006 - 3 - 1
Affiliatefrom $5008 - 3 - 1
Regional RepresentativeBecome a Representative
Our representatives
10 - 3 - 2

Compensation by the Level

You will be paid a percentageof the amount of each new deposit of your referrals and the referrals thereof