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Privacy Policy

By creating a personal account on www.cloudpons.com, accessing theWebsite or using theWebsite and its capacities for the investment process or mutual cooperation, you agree to the collection of personal information and the specific use of your personal data. You also agree with the Cookie Policy of CLOUDPONS LTD.

Personal Data

Personal data we receive from you shall be reliably preserved using physical, electronic and software controls and media in compliance with applicable UK legislation. Throughout the period of mutual cooperation, CLOUDPONS LTD. shall store this data in full confidentiality and with the application of fully reliable security measures.

These physical, electronic and software controls and media are sensibly designed and implemented in the investment process to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data and information about the investor or the user of the Website, to protect against any threats or the possible risk of breach of security or the integrity of data and information about the investor, as well as to protect against unauthorized access or use of personal data or information about the investor that may lead to any (significant or insignificant) damage or inconvenience to the investor or the user of the Website.

Information about youthat we collectis of the following type:
Throughout our cooperation, we may collect direct information about you, e.g. personal data, such as your user name, e-mail address, payment information (payment details, purse numbers, information on electronic payment systems and providers of cryptocurrency resources), information on the balance of your personal account, history offinancial transactions performed using the functions of your personal account, information about your affiliates in your affiliate structure and, if necessary, certain documentation and additional information provided by the investor personally and in writing, solelyat the request of the Company’smanagement and in exceptional cases.

We may also collect indirect information about you, which we will use solely for the purposes of verification, optimization of the components of the Website and the system as a whole, and security. Read more about this in the Cookie Policy.

The information both provided by you voluntarily andobtained by us independently by any lawful means permanently remains in complete confidentiality both during mutual cooperation and after the termination thereof and is guaranteed that it shall not and will not be provided, sold or disclosed to third parties regardless of the prevailing external circumstances and/or internal factors.