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What is the principalactivity of the Company?

We are professionally engaged in purchasing and setting up equipment for cryptocurrency mining.

Why do you need investments?

Unfortunately, our team does not have at its disposal the amount of funds sufficient for buying the mining equipment necessary for attaining full load. Therefore, it was decided to attractthird-party funds from investors

How is profit generated?

We spend all the funds invested by youto pay for the lease of mining equipment and reimbursement of all current expenses associated with this activity. While your investment is at work we manage to make a profit, which we happily share with you.

We offer mutually beneficial conditions and equal opportunities for all.

What are the development prospects and the globalization concept of the CLOUDPONS LTD products and services?

Taking into account the number of cryptocurrencies to which we can apply technology of the cloud mining, as well as our achievements in this field, we can confidentlysay that the development prospects of CLOUDPONS LTD are at the most profitable stage presenting the best forecasts not only for the near future, but also for the long term. As to the globalization concept of the Company's products and services, the first, yetmost effective steps have already been taken. Using the Website as the platform for investors we expand the boundaries and standards of the cloud mining worldview thus making high technologies available to any inhabitant of our planet.

Usersfrom which countries may participate in the investment?

Investing can be conducted by residents of any country. This aspect has no significance in conducting investment activities and cannot affect your success in working with CLOUDPONS LTD.

What payment systems are suitable for investment in the Company?

Investing is conducted exclusively with the help of the electronic payment systems suitable to this process.

At this time, any registered user of our Website can use the following electronic payment systems and providers of crypto-currency funds: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Advanced Cash, Payeer, Perfect Money, BitcoinCash.

What is the profitability of the Company's investment proposals?

The stability of investment plans and the Company's carefully thought-out policy for providing profit to its clients are perfectly reflected in the investment process that guarantees a return of at least 6% within 20 business days, which amounts to at least 120% per month. You can find more detailson Investingpage.

On which days is interest on investments accrued?

All accruals stipulated in our investment proposals are conducted on business days.

On which days can funds be withdrawn?

You can order funds for withdrawal from your balance on business days of the week.

How do I start the investment process?

To become a CLOUDPONS LTD client and begin to make profit from investments, you first need to create a personal account by registering on the Company's official Websitefollowed by creating a deposit in the amount you choosethat will startearning stable profit for you as quickly as on the next business day.

How many personal accounts am I allowed to create?

CLOUDPONS LTD does not approve of multiple registrations. Therefore, you are allowed to create only one personal account which you can then use to invest in our program. If we discover that any of our clients uses more than one personal account for investment, all such accounts of this client will be blocked.

Am I allowed to delete the already created personal account?

Yes, you are. Create an appropriate ticket to our Support Team specifying your user name and the reason for deleting your personal account.

How many deposits can I create in the system?

You can buy any number of deposits, which is a considerable advantage of CLOUDPONS LTD over its competitors who often limit investment opportunities for their customers.

What is the minimum amount of investment?

You are required to invest at least $10 or the equivalent of this amount in investment-proof cryptocurrencies.

I created an investment into the Company but, as it turned out later on, I need this money for other purposes or, let’s say, I changed my mind at the last minute and now I don’t wish to continue the investment process. How does the Company resolve such situations and circumstances considering that the investment process is voluntary, and is it possible to complete the investment proposal ahead of schedule?

It is not possible to cancel an investment that has already been created, since a certain part of the computing capacities will be allocated directly to your money. Besides, the completion of the investment proposal ahead of schedule will result in losses for the Company, since the abovementioned computing capacities will be idle from the time of the early completion of the investment proposal to their subsequent switch to another investor. We strongly recommend that you carefully study the investment proposal and its terms before creating an investment in the Company.

How quickly will I start making profit after creating a deposit?

Profit is accrued on business days, unless otherwise specified by agiven investment proposal.
The first profit after the expiration of a certain number of hours is accrued by crediting funds to your account balance in the amount of the established interest rate corresponding to the investment proposalselected by you and will continue to be accrued at 24-hour intervals throughout the life of the said investment proposal.

I received a profit (affiliate reward, premium or bonus) and created a request for the withdrawal of its amount. How long will the Company need to process my request?

All payments in the system are instantaneous.
Yet, the Company reserves the right to periodically and selectively verify a certain number of requests for withdrawal of funds, which may cause a certain delay in processing such payments. This is essential to ensure the complete security of CLOUDPONS LTD financial transactions that guarantee the safety of investors' funds. Such verificationmay last no more than 24 hours and the frequency (interval) of performing such verifications may not occur (except in exceptional cases and force majeure circumstances) more often than weekly.

What is the minimum and maximum amount that can be ordered for withdrawal?

There are no upper and lower limitson the nominal amount that can be ordered for withdrawal (except for any restrictions on the part of payment systems - usually $0.1).

On which days can funds be withdrawn?

You can withdraw funds from the balance on business days only.

Do I need to create a new (in addition to the existing one) investment in order to be able to withdraw money credited to the account balance?

No. Any amount present on your account balance is available to withdraw with no additional conditions or limitations.

Can I use any payment system to withdraw funds?

No. You can withdraw funds only to the account in the payment system with which the deposit was created.

Will I be charged any additional fees in order to be able to invest in your Company or in order to be able to withdraw the amount I haveearned?

No. Working with CLOUDPONS LTD you will be charged nohidden or additional fees.

How much can I earn using your affiliate proposals?

Career growth opportunities and the direct face value of the affiliate reward can vary depending on your affiliatestatus. To learn more about the terms of ourAffiliateProgram please go to Career page.

Will I get anaffiliate bonus for the investment that my referral createdfrom the account balance?

No. Affiliatebonusesarecreditedonly for the investments created with the use of external electronic payment systems.

Can I get anaffiliatereward without creating my own deposit?

Affiliate bonuses for deposits made by the referrals belonging to your affiliate structure are available for payout, provided that you have invested at least the required minimum amount in CLOUDPONSLTD.

Can I have the opportunity to invite new members to the program without registering a personal account with the Company?

No. In order for the system to identify new participants as investors who were attracted to the investment process directly by you, you have to use a personal affiliate link that can be obtained and used exclusively in your personal account after you have completed the registration procedure.

Where can I find my personal affiliate link and banners?

In order to find your personal affiliate link and banners you need to go to subsections Referrals and Banners respectively under your personal account

Where can I find the username of my upline?

To find out the username (login) of your upline you need to log in to your personal account and go to Referrals section.

Can I switch my sponsor?

You can do it only if you have not started investing yet. If the investment has not started and you wish to switch your sponsor, create an appropriate request (ticket) with the Company’s Support Team specifying the username (login) of the upline whom you want to see as your sponsor. In all other cases, the change of an upline is not allowed.

In which section can I find the Company information?

To learn more about the registration documents of the Company please go to About the Company page. To contact us, please goto Contacts page.

How can I change the wallet of the payment system after a personal account has been created?

Whenever you create a withdrawal request, you must specify the correct payment details. See Website Rules page for more information.

How can I recover the password to log in to my personal account?

Use the password recovery form by clicking Recover Password button on the Website login page and following the simple system instructions. In addition, you can recover your password by asking our Support Team for help.

Is it possible to change the e-mail address I specified when registering my personal account?

Yes, it is possible. In order to change the e-mail address that you specified when registering your personal account, use the appropriate option of your personal account in Settings subsection.

What is the title of the section I should apply to for help?

To get any help and/or advice on anyissues related to the investment process, please use the ticket system of Support Service section.

What are work hours ofyour Support Team?

Our Support Team works on weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00 GMT+0.

Are all transactions when replenishing, withdrawing funds or creating an investment conducted in cryptocurrency?

For each payment system, we use a separate balance. For example, if you invested with Bitcoin, then the payments will also flow in the Bitcoin currency.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
  • Perfect money: 0.1$
  • Payeer: 0.1$
  • Bitcoin: 0.00015 BTC
  • Litecoin: 0.002 LTC
  • Dogecoin: 10 DOGE
  • Ethereum: 0.005 ETH
  • ZCash: 0.008 ZEC
  • BitcoinCash: 0.00005 BCH
  • Monero: 0.03 XMR
  • Dash: 0.001 DASH
  • Ripple: 0.001 XRP

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