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16 July 2018 10:29

Online statistics of registrations and deposits

To emphasize the transparency of our project to investors, we started publishing in real time the statistics of registrations of new users and deposits, which you can find in the footer of our website. Sincerely, Cloudpons LTD.

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14 July 2018 17:22

Join us in Telegram

Our telegram channel already counts 1500 people https://t.me/cloudons Service statistics for today: - 5000 investors have been registered  in our service; - They have already placed 3500 deposits totaling USD 250 000. Be informed along with everyone else! Best regards, Cloudpons LTD.

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11 July 2018 10:38

Cancellation of the conversion of cryptocurrencies into USD

By the numerous requests of our investors, we have canceled the conversion of all the cryptocurrencies into USD. For example, now, for a deposit created in Bitcoin, all accruals will also be in this cryptocurrency. Increase your cryptocurrency by 6% per day, regardless of its rate to the USD. Also, as of today, the withdrawal of funds will be carried out only to the payment system from which the deposit was created. This innovation applies only to newly created deposits. Sincerely, Cloudpons LTD

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07 July 2018 16:35

Registration of 1000 investors

Today, our 1000th investor joined our project. Congratulations to Nario from Germany. You have also been credited with a bonus of $100 to your current deposit. We also want to inform you that 1000 investors have been registered after 10 days of working in our service. They have already placed 850 deposits totaling $75 000. Regards, Cloudpons LTD.

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24 June 2018 10:06

Starting to work with investors

We'd like to let you know that we're starting to work on getting investments from investors for our project. We've spent a long time preparing for this event and the day is finally here. We've brought together all of the experience and skills acquired over the many years. Respectfully, the Cloudpons LTD team

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20 April 2018 01:15

Official registration of our company

Our startup becomes active

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