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Cookie Policy

Use of Cookies

The www.cloudpons.comWebsite (hereinafter referred to as the Website) of CLOUDPONS Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) uses so-called cookies. Cookies are small files downloaded to your computer or another Internet-enabled device in order to ensure the normal, safe and convenient operation of the Website. Cookies provide an opportunity to collect information about services and products that are of interest tothe visitors of the Websiteas well asto keep track of the navigation used during the visit. We collect such information with the purpose of making our online offers more attractive to both visitors and potential investors. The Company strictly observes the right of itsWebsitevisitors and users to security and privacy, as well as confirms the significance and importance of protecting the personal data of the investors and users of itsWebsite. This is exactly the reason the Company guarantees that any analysis or study of cookie files obtainedfrom the Company's Website will always be strictly confidential and anonymous.

The Company's Website uses its own cookies that provide assistance in establishing how to make the Company's services more convenient and effective for our investors. Own cookie files of theCompany provide our analysts with information anouthow long you havevieweda certain page on our Website or about the pages you actually visited.

In addition to its own cookies, CLOUDPONS LTD may use cookies from other companies with the same objective as the Company's cookies.

The Internet browser of a guest, user or investorvisiting our Website sendsinformation to the server of the Company in the form of cookies during eachof such visits. Itmay be information about the date and time of the visit to the Website, the type of Internet browser used, information about the language settings used and the operating system. Besides, the information showing which pages are visited more oftencan be linked to your IP address that may also be determined by cookies. This information is stored in the log files of the connection logs of the Company’s system for a certain period of time in order to ensure the safety of all components of the system and the correct functioning of the Company's Website, as well as to collect certain statistical information that enhances the convenience and attractiveness of the Company's Website.

Selecting a Cookie Mode

You can disable cookies at any time or configure your Internet browser in such a way that you will receive appropriate warnings about receiving cookie files. In order to do this, please use the relevant settings of your Internet browser. At the same time, be aware that if you disablecookies it may lead to the impossibility for you totakefull advantage of the functions of the Company's Website.