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Website Rules

These Rules for the Provision of Services (hereinafter referred to as the Rules, Website Rules) in the form of a public offer agreement are concluded between CLOUDPONS LTD, located at 51 Great Marlborough St., London, England, W1F7JT, Company Registration Number: 11321127, and any individual at least 18 years of age (hereinafter referred to as the Client) and fully, excluding any other interpretation, regulate all the processes of interaction between the Company and the Client (hereinafter referred to as the Parties) that arise or may arise as a result of the creation by the Clientof a personal account, investments and an affiliate structureon the Company's Websitewww.cloudpons.com (the Website).These Website Rules apply directly to the Company's Websitewww.cloudpons.com, as well as to its possible subdomains that may be created whereof the Company shall inform the Client.

A personal account is the area of the Website allocated by means of software, access to which is possible only after the Clientcompletes the registration procedure on the Website.In order to enter and use the personal account, the Client must use Authorization Data.Authorization Data consists of the the username (login, nickname) and the password created by the Client independently, taking into account the recommendations and requirements of the system.

System Requirements for Authorization Data:

  • A uniqueness of the login;
  • The complexity of the created password, which must be a sequence of randomly selected letters of both keyboard cases, digits and special characters;
  • Using for registration an up-to-date and correctly functioning e-mail address. In order to maximize stable operation, the system recommends that,when registering a Personal Account, the Client usesa Gmail or Yahoo mail Client.

The Client confirms that the security of Authorization Data in a situation of complete confidentiality and inaccessibility to third parties is solely the personal responsibility of the Client who is exclusively responsible for Authorization Data.

The Client confirms that the consequencesofanylossof Authorization Data or transferthereof to third parties were explained to him, as well as the fact that restoring Authorization Data in theaboveeventcanbedonesolelybythe Clientwithoutany assistance fromtheCompany.

The Clientshallcreate only one Personal Accountfor active investment.

In the event of adiscovery of multiple registrations by the Client, the Company has the right to block (deactivate) all Personal Accounts whereof and refundto the Client the sum amounting to the amount invested minus all the previously received amountsthat resulted from the Client's investment activities andaffiliaterewards for the personal deposits of the Client. Affiliate bonuses paid to theClient for the investments made bythe affiliates personally invited by him are not subject to refund and remain in the possession of the Client in any case.

Investing shall be carried out exclusively with the useof electronic payment systems suitable for this process.

As of now, any registered user of our Website can use the following electronic payment systems and providers of cryptocurrency funds: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Advanced Cash, Payeer, Perfect Money, and BitcoinCash.

The Client confirms that he invests his funds voluntarily and that his voluntary actions are not based (exclusively, in whole or in part) on information, articles, reviews and/or opinions posted on the Website.

The Company undertakes to fulfill all its publicly announcedobligations in terms of the declared profitability of investment proposals, the terms and procedure for processing and disbursements of payment orders and payouts in accordance with affiliateoffers, rewards, bonuses and other obligations required by the investment process.

The Client has the right to create an unlimited number of depositsof all kinds using for this purpose any or all of the Company's investment plans simultaneously.

The Client has the right to receive profit on all the deposits made by him that are active at any given time.

The Company undertakes to provide the above-mentioned profit for the Clientin the form of investment proposals posted on the Websitein accordance with thegiven investment proposals.

Profit is accrued on calendar days, daily, unless otherwise specified by thegiven investment proposal.

The first profit after the expiration of a certain number of hours shall be accrued by crediting funds to the balance of the Client's account in the amount of the established interest rate corresponding to the given investment proposal and will be further accrued with an interval of 24 hours throughout the duration of life of such investment proposal (on business days).

Payment of funds both for investment proposals and for affiliaterewardsshall be carried out daily, at the request of the Client.

The payout schedule representsinstantaneous payments on the Client's request (on business days).

The Company reserves the right to periodically and selectively verify a certain number of requests for withdrawal of funds, which may cause a certain delay in processing such payments. This is essential to ensure the complete security of the Company's financial transactions that guarantee the safety of the Client's funds. Such verification may last no more than 24 hours and the frequency (interval) of performing such verifications may not occur (except in exceptional cases and force majeure circumstances) more often thanevery 168 astronomical hours.

The Client undertakes to personally create requests for withdrawal of any funds available on the balance of the Client’s account.

The Client confirms that the provided payment details are correct, truthful and up-to-date.

In the event that thepayment is impossible to execute due to incorrect payment details or the lack thereof, the Client confirms and agrees that such circumstance has occurred not through the fault of the Company and undertakes to wait for such payments to be executedafter he has provided the Company with the correct payment details to enable thefulfillment of its obligations in regard of the delayed payments.

The Client undertakes to independently monitor and promptly make adjustments to his payment details with the help of the Company's Support Team.

Affiliate rewards for the deposits made by the Client's downlines are available for payment, provided that the Client has invested at least the required minimum amount into the Company.

The affiliate structure of the Client, the levels thereof and the amount of affiliatereward, as well as the AffiliateStatuses available to the Client, are stipulated in Career section, which, like all other sections of the Website, without exception, is an integral part of these Website Rules.

The Company guarantees stable accruals of declared profits and payouts in accordance with the appropriate investment proposals except for the following reasons, cases and circumstances:

  • Violation of the Rules by the Client;
  • Intentional creation of circumstances that make it impossible for the Company to fulfill its obligations. For example, the Clientconducts (initiates) DDoS attacks aimed at the destruction of the operation of the Website and the availability thereof for users, or introduces viruses and other malicious software and algorithms into the Website system;
  • Non-intentional creation and/or occurrence of circumstances that make it impossible for the Company to fulfill its obligations. Forexample, butnotlimitedto: forcemajeure, technogenicaccidents, wars, etc.;
  • Exposure of illegal actionscommitted by the Client.

The Company guarantees profit provided that the Client complies with these Rules and does not use in his cooperation with the Companyany spam technologies or viral and malicious software that may adversely affect the integrity and/or operability of the Website, its systems, servers and databases.

All disputes and disagreements that may arise in the process of interaction of the Parties shallbe resolved exclusively by negotiations until a complete settlement has been reached and until a result satisfying both Parties is achieved and without the intervention by third parties.

All changes, additions and/or updates both to these Rules and to all sections of the Company’sWebsiteshall be accepted by the Client automatically if, at the time of such updates, changes and/or additions the Client continues to use the Website.

The parties acknowledge that these Rules establish the process of interaction between the Parties as a private transaction, which automatically prevents the disclosure to any third parties (full or partial) of any details of the interaction between the Parties.

Any disclosure to third parties (full or partial) of any details of the interaction between the Parties will be considered to be in violation of these Rules and will automatically result in the reversal of the interaction between the Parties to the original state thereof, without restoring any of the previously attained agreements orobligations arising therefrom.